Wrath of the Storm is the third and final book in Nielsen’s Mark of the Thief series. The series is set in ancient Rome, and continues the story of Nic Calva, a former slave who steals a magical artifact in the first book before discovering his own magic as well as connections to very powerful Roman leaders.

While Wrath of the Storm brings the series to a satisfying conclusion, there were a few things about this particular book that made me not like it as well as I did the first two books. First, there was a lot of repetition. There was a lot of Nic debating how he felt about Aurelia and her betrothal to Crispus. Also, Nic wanted to send his family and friends away from Rome to Britannia, and multiple times arranged for horses and a cart to take them there, but nobody ever seemed to go anywhere. Those are just a couple of examples.

Another thing that I felt detracted from this book in particular (and to a lesser extent to the entire series) was that I couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be Middle Grade or Young Adult. At the start of the series, I though Nic was 10-12 years old. There isn’t a firm time line in the story arc, but I’m thinking the entire series takes place over a 6- to 12-month time period. Regardless of historical accuracy, the romantic aspects of the final book seem to be happening when Nic is far too young.

I gave Wrath of the Storm three stars on Goodreads. I think maybe 50 pages of repetitive material could have been cut, making it a faster paced and more enjoyable read. I would still recommend the entire series, but enjoyed the first two volumes (Mark of the Thief and Rise of the Wolf) more than this one.