Story Genius is Lisa Cron’s follow up to Wired For Story, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Unlike the earlier book, Story Genius doesn’t rely as much on “brain science” as its central principle.

Much of Story Genius involved following the efforts of author Jennie Nash as she explored approaches to a new novel. It was an interesting way to look at the concepts Cron wanted to communicate, but it didn’t really provide a great number of firm takeaways after finishing the book. This was something Cron herself pointed out at the end.

What I did take away from the book was that everything that happens in a novel must originate with the main character, rooted somewhere in their worldview or past experience. Also, there must be an on-going flow of cause and effect from one scene to the next throughout the book.

I gave Story Genius three stars on Goodreads – if partial stars were allowed, I would have given it another half-star.