Dan Koboldt is very active in the online writing community through his #SFPit Twitter pitch events and his involvement in PitchWars and other online author contests. I’ve been intending to read his debut novel The Rogue Retrieval ever since it came out, and was glad when I finally got to it on my TBR list.

A gigantic tech company has discovered a portal to another world. It’s an agrarian world without advanced technology – but it does have magicians. The company’s military operatives strong-arm a Las Vegas stage magician into becoming a member of a team to be deployed into that world in search of a rogue scientist.

The Rogue Retrieval is an enjoyable read. Quinn, the stage magician, manages to get the team into and out of trouble again and again through his skills as an illusionist and his ability to work a crowd and read people’s reactions. The premise of the book is unique, and author Koboldt developed it well.

I gave The Rogue Retrieval 5 stars on Goodreads. If partial stars were allowed, I would have given 4.5 because the pacing slowed a bit in the scenes without Quinn in them, and there were some switches in POV that seems to come out of the blue and caused a little confusion. I rounded up to five stars because the formatting of the book version I read may have been responsible for the POV confusion.

I believe there is a sequel on the way. If so, I will definitely be reading it.