I received a copy of Cities and Thrones by Carrie Patel in December 2015 when I won a giveaway on the Red Sofa Literary Agency blog. A couple of weeks ago I read and reviewed The Buried Life, the first volume of Patel’s Recoletta series.

Cities and Thrones picks up the story shortly after the first book ends. This volume details power struggles between factions in the underground city of Recoletta and also between Recoletta and other cities and farm collectives above the ground.

While still a very well-written book, I didn’t find Cities and Thrones as appealing as the first book. All in all the qualities I liked in the first book were not as strong in the second. I’m sure this is due to my own reading preferences. Part of the problem for me is that this second book is even harder to categorize than the first. It could be put in any of several genres, but I don’t think there is any one genre that is a 100% fit for it.

I gave Cities and Thrones three stars on Goodreads, though I would have given 3.5-3.75 if allowed. The final book of the series, The Song of the Dead,  is due out later this year. I do want to find out how the series will end, but I’m going to delay reading it.