I wanted to re-read some of my favorite graphic novels, so I put some of them on hold at the library and now I’m getting around to reading them. This isn’t the book I intended to read right now, but more on that later.

The Marvels Project is the story of the World War II superheroes who eventually became the foundation for the Marvel Comics universe. Told through the POV of a non-powered hero known as The Angel (not the X-Man Angel, btw), we get the origin stories of the original Human Torch, Captain America, and Prince Namor the Submariner.

The story is well told and the art well-drawn. If you aren’t familiar with the WWII era heroes, this is a good way to learn their backstories. There are several lesser known heroes with minor parts in the story, and a few of them pop up in more recent storylines as well. I gave The Marvels Project four stars.

Now to finish the story I began in the first paragraph. I thought I had put Marvels, by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross on hold instead of this book. Marvels starts in about the same time period as The Marvels Project, and extends through the 60’s era of the Marvel universe and beyond. That book tells the story through the POV of Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich. Ross’ artwork is excellent as always. Unfortunately, our library system no longer has any copies of the book (graphic novels are highly popular and apparently have a shorter shelf life).

I recommend The Marvels Project and Marvels for any readers who enjoy graphic novels and well told superhero stories. Up next, I’m reading my favorite DC graphic novel.

photo credit: LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS via photopin (license)