I was picking up a few things today at our local Wal-Mart and came across the items pictured above. I’ve been aware of deep-fried Twinkies for several years, having seen them on a show on Food Network or the Travel Channel. I can’t believe they’re actually making these available in stores now – I want to try them in the worst way, but my diet won’t permit it.

Every time I go shopping for food, I’m on the lookout for new foods. I like seeking out new experimental Oreo and Pop Tart flavors in particular – just one package won’t hurt, right. Just last week I found Firework Oreos – they have little bits of popping candy (Pop Rocks, I guess) embedded in the creme filling.  They weren’t appealing enough to tempt me into buying them though.

Even less appealing were the Peeps Oreos that were in stores around Easter (sorry, I haven’t been able to locate my picture of those).

What are some new and unusual food items you’ve come across recently? Feel free to comment about them below.