The Ultimates are an alternate version of the Avengers where each member has a dark or questionable aspect to their character. I still haven’t decided how much I like them – their stories are excellent, but they leave me with what I would describe as a bitter aftertaste.

The storyline of Cataclysm covers what happens when the Galactus of the main Marvel universe encroaches on the universe that the Ultimates live in. It is pulls together three different segments of heroes reacting to the crisis. The first segment features The Ultimates; the second focuses in on the Miles Morales version of Spiderman plus Cloak and Dagger and some other younger heroes; the third involves the X-Men.

I gave Cataclysm five stars, and recommend it for readers who enjoy graphic novels and well told superhero stories.


photo credit: LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS via photopin (license)