I started following Bob Mayer’s blog a few years ago. Mayer is a hybrid author who focuses mainly on speculative military thrillers. During the time I’ve been following him, he’s offered free downloads of several of his books. As a result, I’ve got about a half-dozen of them on my iPad right now. While editing my current WIP, I’ve had free time during lunch to do some reading, so I decided to give one of Mayer’s books a try. Psychic Warrior is the one I chose to read.

Mayer is a veteran of the military, and Psychic Warrior has a definite air of authenticity about it, even though it deals with remote viewing and traveling along the astral plane.

The book started a little slow for me, getting a little bogged down in military detail early on. However, once the plot began moving, the book really grabbed and kept my attention through to very end.

I gave Psychic Warrior four stars on Goodreads, with the slow start and the presence of several typos in the ebook I read keeping it from getting the final star. I’m currently reading another of Mayer’s books, The Jefferson Allegiance, and will post my review here when I’m done.