The last couple of days I observed an important milestone on the way to completing my middle grade time travel adventure. The milestone was that I sent out my latest draft to my critique partners. Over the last couple of editing passing, the word count has settled to about 67,000 words. The recommended upper limit for MG is 65,000 – usually science fiction/fantasy books can exceed that due to the world-building involved, so I should be okay in that regard.

For some reason, I’m more nervous sending this to my CPs this time. I think part of it is due to having higher hopes this time around. I have more writing experience now, and a much better understanding of plot structure than I had on my previous efforts. On top of that, I think middle grade is a better fit for this book and for my writing style in general.

While waiting for CP feedback, I’ll be working on my query letter and synopsis – PitchWars is about two months away, and I’m planning to enter prior to querying. I also need to revise my list of agents to query since there have been several changes since I used it last.

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