The premise of The Jefferson Allegiance is intriguing: what if Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, bitter rivals, created a pact that still exists to this day to control a U.S. president who has exceeded his authority? Further, what if the leadership of one of the organizations tasked with maintaining and using this pact decided to kill off the members of the other organization?

The book follows two current members of the U.S. military and a former CIA agent as they attempt to put together clues to figure out what is happening while trying to keep from being killed themselves.

As I noted in my review of Mayer’s Psychic Warrior, the author possesses a great deal of knowledge about military history and procedures. He’s also intimately familiar with the mindset and thinking process of members of the military.

I gave The Jefferson Allegiance five stars on Goodreads. While I did find a few typos in the ebook version I read, the story and pace of the book was excellent. The historical facts revealed during the progression of the plot reminded me of the National Treasure movies. I still have more free downloads of Mayer’s books on my iPad – I’m looking forward to reading them all.