A couple of weeks ago, I had a Friday off. As luck would have it, History Channel runs marathon’s of the Ancient Aliens series just about every Friday. I got caught up in it and spent a lot of the day watching. As if that weren’t enough, I got inspired to search our local library’s card catalog for books related to the series and some of the experts it features. Our Occulted History was one of the books I found during that search.

Jim Marrs has been one of my favorite conspiracy authors ever since I read his book Crossfire, which was one of two books Oliver Stone chose to base his film JFK on. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy Our Occulted History as much as I did that earlier book.

The first section of the book deals with unexplained oddities of the earth, moon, and solar system in general. I recognized some of the material from another of Marrs’ earlier books, but it was still pretty interesting. The next section dealt with evidence of ancient alien involvement throughout the history of humankind, transitioning into how religion and banking are used to control populations. The final section concerned how elites control us today through multiple methods.

The last half was where this book went off the rails for me. It was not very interesting in a general sense; frankly, it was pretty depressing. Marrs paints a bleak picture about what he feels is in store for the majority of human society, using themes that he explores in even greater detail in a few of his books that follow this one.

I gave Our Occulted History three stars on Goodreads. In a future post, I’ll re-visit Marrs previous works and give recommendations on which ones to read.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)