I kept seeing this book pop up in my Twitter feed with rave reviews, so I decided to read it for myself. Midnight Without A Moon is the story of a thirteen-year-old African-American girl in Mississippi during the 1950s.

I found this to be a very touching, heart felt book. It can sometimes be hard in this day and age for us to imagine how life was back in those days, particularly in the rural South. Linda Williams Jackson did a great job of making that setting come alive.

I liked the way the author approached the book’s civil rights theme. While I had heard of prejudice among African-Americans against those with darker skin, I’d never seen the subject addressed in fiction in this way with so much feeling. Being raised in a small-town Southern Baptist church, I also appreciated the sub-plot of Rose’s decision to be baptized.

I gave Midnight Without A Moon five stars on Goodreads. I recommend it for all age ranges, especially for readers who want to add some diversity to their reading list. It is well-written and capable of touching your emotions on several levels.