Steven Pressfield is probably best known for writing historical/military fiction. The War of Art is a philosophical look at the writing life in general. I first heard of this book in Shawn Coyne’s The Story Grid, but have come across recommendations for it in several other places since.

The book breaks down into three sections. The first section discusses Resistance – everything that stands in the way of a writer actually writing. Resistance is rooted in fear and takes many forms, from procrastination to self-doubt. The second section talks about becoming a professional, not in the sense of getting paid but in the sense of showing up to do the work every day and handling rejection as part of the job of being a writer. The last part deals with inspiration, which in Pressfield’s opinion results from successfully handling the first two sections.

I gave The War of Art four stars on Goodreads. It is a short, quick read. While it is short on advice on the craft of writing, it does provide some tips on living the life of a writer as well as some inspiration to keep striving along the writer’s path