There are a couple of reason I read this book. One reason is that I’m always on the lookout for middle grade books that deal with adventure, horror, or the paranormal. The other reason is that the author followed me on Twitter, so I checked out the books he’s written and this series looked to be in line with my reading interests.

Book of the Dead is the first of five books in Northrop’s Tombquest series, which is similar to The 39 Clues in that it is published by Scholastic and has an online game component for readers who want to get more immersed in the series. The plot involves Egyptology, mummies, and a secret society known as the Death Walkers.

I gave Book of the Dead four stars on Goodreads. It’s a quick, satisfying read. This one seemed a little slow-paced at times, but that’s understandable because of setting the stage for the following books. I will be reading the rest of the series in orders over the next several days.