This is the last of my remaining library checkouts from when I binge-watched Ancient Aliens several weeks ago. Nick Redfern is a British UFO researcher who appears on the show.

The title is a little misleading, as about half of the deaths covered in the book concern suspicious deaths of UFO researchers instead of fatalities where the cause of death is due to UFO activity.

I read a lot of UFO literature when I was a teenager, so many of the incidents were familiar ones. It does include some information that was new to me, mostly connecting other conspiracy theories to UFO lore. I think through the years I’ve become more skeptical, if that’s possible, as a lot of the connections presented seemed forced.

I gave Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind three stars on Goodreads. I liked revisiting many of the incidents I remember from my younger days, but in the end, I refuse to accept that every untimely death can’t be evidence of a deep, dark conspiracy.