I bumped this book to the top of my TBR list once I picked it up. The Miles Morales version of Spider-man hasn’t turned up in many of the graphic novel collections available through my library, so I was eager to learn more about how his origin story and especially stoked to read Jason Reynolds’ take on the character.

I’m really torn on what rating to give this book. Reynolds’ writing is superb, as usual, and the non-Spider-man segments of the book shine. For me though, the Spider-man portion of the story left something to be desired. Miles doesn’t suit up until about half-way through the book, and we don’t get many details about his opponent or specifics to help us understand the battle between them.

I gave Miles Morales Spider-Man four stars on Goodreads. If I read this as simply a Miles Morales story, I would have given five stars; reading exclusively as a Spider-Man story, I would have given three. However, as the title refers to both of them, I averaged them out to arrive at the four stars.