If you’ve read any of Dan Brown’s books, you pretty much already know what to expect from Origin: cryptic riddles, international settings, cutting edge science, elements of conspiracy, and loads of suspense.

Unlike many of his earlier books, the mystery element of Origin is pretty easily figured out – both my wife and I got the gist of it by the time we were half-way finished. The threats in this book seemed to be more ideological than physical (maybe because Robert Langdon is aging) – Langdon wasn’t threatened with physical harm after about the half-way point.

There were a couple of segments within the book which that mostly consisted of an elaborate presentation of a new scientific discovery. I think these segments could have been shortened, and the result would have been a faster-paced, more gripping story.

I gave Origin four stars on Goodreads. It’s both enjoyable and thought-provoking. Even though the story was hard to put down, I believe it could have been even better.