According to the back flap, the author of this book is a forensic historian (which actually sounds like a pretty cool profession). In this book, he attempts to prove that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan were mind-controlled patsies set up by the CIA for the JFK and RFK assassinations. I’ve absorbed a lot of information about the JFK case (less so about the RFK case, but I have read a few books about it), so I was interested in finding out what kind of evidence a forensic historian might provide to support his arguments.

Unfortunately, I don’t consider the evidence provided in the JFK case to be that convincing. While there is plenty of reason to conclude that Oswald was involved with and manipulated by the CIA, Nolan builds his argument mostly on circumstantial evidence that is plausible but by no means proven. Nolan does provide some evidence I hadn’t seen before regarding Oswald’s associations with Jack Ruby and J.D. Tippett prior to the assassination.

Nolan has a much stronger argument with regard to Sirhan Sirhan and the RFK assassination, but it has been suspected almost from the time of Sirhan’s arrest following the assassination that he was under some kind of mind control. Nolan explores the evidence in depth while also discussing some evidence of other shooters in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel that I had never heard before.

I gave CIA Rogues And The Killing Of The Kennedys four stars on Goodreads. It fell short of what I’d hoped for, but provided a good overview of the evidence while also adding new evidence that solidifies the overall argument for conspiracy in both crimes.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)