When I started reading this book, I took a look at the other titles of books by this author and thought maybe I’d made a big mistake. Seeing that Jerome Corsi has written about President Obama’s birth certificate, the “truth” about John Kerry as told by the swift-boaters, and other right wing topic had me worried that somehow Who Really Killed Kennedy? would somehow find a way to blame liberals for the JFK assassination. I’m happy to tell you those fears were unfounded.

What I liked about it:

Who Really Killed Kennedy? is a fairly exhaustive review of the facts and theories revolving around the JFK assassination. The author has a pretty good grasp on a lot of the basic claims of the various conspiracy theories as well as the evidence laid out by the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations. I enjoyed how he made specific references to several of the early conspiracy books from the first decade after the assassination. I usually think of Jim Marrs’ Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy as the definite book with regard to laying out all of the various forms of potential conspiracy, but this book may have surpassed it.

What I didn’t like about it:

There are a lot of inaccuracies in this book – I didn’t keep count, but I’d estimate at least one or two dozen that I noticed. Some are simple things, like confusing author names (in one section the book started out referring to the work of Edward Jay Epstein then suddenly started calling him Lipton, which I believe is a misspelling of the last name of another author, David Lifton). Another section had JFK holding a meeting in 1970. I’m not sure if the author is responsible, or if the errors are the result of slipshod editing/proofreading. Like I said before, Corsi seems to have a firm grip on the facts surrounding this case, so I’d lean toward the later.

I gave Who Really Killed Kennedy four stars on Goodreads. I would have given it five based on how much I enjoy refreshing myself on the basic evidence presented, but the amount of errors I found brought the rating down.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)