I didn’t realize I’d read this book before when I checked it out of the library, discovered within the first couple of pages that it seemed very familiar. I went ahead and plowed through it anyway, because Dick Russell has a way of turning up sources connected to the assassination that many other researchers overlook.

This book is a collection of articles Russell wrote for various magazines between the mid-70s and mid-2000s. On re-reading, many of them aren’t that impactful, though I did pay close attention to those that dealt with Richard Case Nagell, and the final article dealing with Douglas Horne of the Assassination Records Review Board. Nagell was a U.S. double agent with links to Lee Harvey Oswald who claims the Russians ordered him to kill Oswald in order to stop the Kennedy assassination. He was the subject of Russell’s book, The Man Who Knew Too Much.

I gave On The Trail Of The JFK Assassins three stars on Goodreads. I probably would have given it four if this had been my first reading since it does cover a lot of background info about names that often get mentioned related to Cuba/the CIA/Russia around the time of the assassination.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)