This book was co-authored with Dick Russell. In this book, Ventura presents documents relating to CIA and Presidential wrong-doing, corporate and governmental secrets, and War on Terror-9/11 misdeeds.

The book was published in 2011, shortly after the emergence of Wikileaks/Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Bradley Manning as whistleblowers and leakers of classified information. Ventura praises all of them for their actions. Skipping forward to today, Ventura is employed by RT (formerly Russia Today) as a television commentator. I found this very curious given accusations against RT as a Russian propaganda outlet and Wikileaks involvement in releasing both real and faked emails supposedly aimed at affecting the 2016 election. I don’t believe Ventura sold out to the Russians, but his skepticism of the U.S. government fits in with Russia’s goals of tearing down America’s faith in our institution.

The document I read closest involved stock and futures trades made shortly before 9/11 that resulted in huge profits for investors with links to both Al Qaeda and the U.S. intelligence community. I’m interested in this at least in part because the same thing happened when JFK was assassinated, when some investors sold stocks short (a very risky strategy) and reaped immense profits when the stock market plummeted after the assassination.

I gave 63 Documents three stars on Goodreads. I ended up skimming over most of the documents, and in light of how Wikileaks impacted the 2016 election, Ventura’s praise of Julian Assange seems misplaced.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)