This book was co-authored with Dick Russell. In this book, Ventura presents a couple dozen American conspiracies, dating back to the Lincoln assassination. As I said in a previous review of another Jesse Ventura book, I have some reservations about Ventura’s points of view now, in light of his current employment by RT and previous support of Wikileaks and others. Those concerns didn’t pop up in this book, but I’m not forgetting them any time soon.

The book touches on all of the 1960s assassination, 9/11, etc. But there are a few of the conspiracies that I’d like to highlight in this review.

First, Ventura spent a good amount of time discussing the 1934 “Business Plot”, where Wall Street executives and corporate kingpins put together a plan for a coup against FDR. In the manuscript I’m currently querying, the time-traveling main character is sent back in time to prevent a similar plot from succeeding.

I’d also like to call attention to three chapters dealing with stolen elections: the 1980 “October Surprise” where the Reagan/Bush campaign negotiated with the Iranians to keep them from releasing hostages before the election; the 2000 election where vote suppression and recount hijinks in Florida put George W. Bush in the White House; and the 2004 election where vote suppression and potential electronic doctoring of vote tallies resulted in Bush’s re-election.

I gave American Conspiracies three stars on Goodreads. Most of this was already well-covered territory for me, and some were about things I really didn’t find that interesting.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)