Into The Black is the sequel to Beyond The Red, written by author/blogger Ava Jae. I gave the original book five stars, so I was eager to read this one also.

At the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure that I would like this book as well as I liked the first. Jae uses some terms in her writing (kinduf, sortuf, fucken, and some others) that pulled me out of the story when encountering them – however, that turned out to be a short-term problem and I stopped having a problem once I got 50-100 pages into the book. I seem to recall this same thing happening when I read the first book as well. In any case, the more I read, the more I enjoyed the book. I think the best written scene of the book was when Eros was interviewed by the high priest, it was my favorite scene of the book.

I gave Into The Black five stars as well. I care about the characters, though I feel the romance between Deimos and Eros is a bit forced. All of the characters and plot pieces are in place for a great conclusion to this series – I’m looking forward to it.