Ends and Beginnings

“Fare thee well now, Let your life proceed by its own design, Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I’m done with mine.”  – John Perry Barlow (Cassidy)

I don’t remember where I saw them first, John Perry Barlow’s 25 Principles of Adult Behavior. I was 18 or 19 years old well before the days of copiers, computers, and printers. I wrote all 25 down in a spiral notebook and kept the folded up page in my little red strong box along with my other valuables of old pennies, Indian Arrowheads and sharks teeth. But somewhere over the last 39 years I lost that scrap of paper though the other treasures made it through the time warp of living.

John Perry Barlow, American poet, essayist, cattle rancher and lyricist for the Grateful Dead died yesterday at the age of 70 and among the many tributes came this little nugget of…

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