It’s been several years since I’ve read any UFO books, so I found a couple of interesting ones at my local library. Unacknowledged presents ‘testimonies’ of government and military witnesses to proof that the U.S. (and other countries around the world) have recovered extraterrestrial craft as well as living and dead alien beings.

Furthermore, Greer claims that a blended group consisting of government and private enterprise personnel has been reverse-engineering advanced alien technology. He claims that this group possesses energy technology that would render the fossil fuel and electrical utility industries obsolete, but are withholding that technology to preserve those profiting from the existing energy markets.

I don’t want to give more details in order to avoid spoilers, but the book goes well beyond this point, into some seemingly bizarre areas.

I gave Unacknowledged four stars on Goodreads. I found the book entertaining, and it sparked a couple of ideas for short stories and/or novels built around UFOs and the alleged coverup. It includes a lot of reports on new incidents, an reports that shed more light on some well-known incidents from years ago. Greer released a video documentary with the same title in 2017, there are segments available on YouTube if you’re interested in watching.


photo credit: Calling Card? via photopin (license)