After I had the idea for my first book but before I got serious about writing, I spent several years playing fantasy sports…and I took my ‘playing’ seriously. My first year playing fantasy baseball, I managed 21 teams across four different platforms. The next year, I went kind of crazy and wound up with over 40 teams. I figure I got at least of decade of playing experience in just those first two years, based on the number of teams I managed.

I played using team names like:

  • Mindless Zombie
  • Racer X
  • Hornswoggled
  • Chupacabra Guapo
  • Crispy Critters
  • General Tso’s Army
  • Hypocrites & Parasites

At the height of what I refer to as my “addiction” to fantasy baseball, I spent roughly three hours each day setting lineups and looking for ways to improve each and every team. I cut back on the number of teams I got each following year, finally going into ‘retirement’ about five years ago. By that time, I was badly burned out on fantasy sports, and wanted to devote more time to writing and editing my novels.

Now, fast forward to February 2018, when I found myself missing fantasy baseball and feeling like I wanted to play again. I had gone through a rough period in my writing career during the last half of 2017. I’ve never considered self-publishing any of my novels, but came to the opinion that should try writing a narrowly-focused non-fiction book. What would I write about? Fantasy baseball, of course.

But, since it’s been a few years since I played, I needed to do research to revisit and refresh my strategies to make sure they still worked. I’m not going to reveal how many teams I wound up with, but rest assured, it’s probably too many. I’ve taken steps to minimize the amount of time I spend on my teams each day, and I’ve promised myself I won’t let this detract from my writing/editing time.

My goal is to have a shorter version of the book ready in time for fantasy football season in early August, and a longer version for fantasy baseball (which has many more varieties and nuances compared to football) ready by February 2019.

I’m sharing this as a means of warning you that there may be more fantasy sports posts ahead. In the meantime, if you have any questions about my project or about fantasy sports, feel free to leave a comment.