Andre The Giant (2018) is an HBO-produced documentary on the life of the pro wrestling superstar Andre Roussimoff, better known of course, as Andre The Giant. In the late 1990s/early 2000s, A&E produced a biography of Andre as well. This version examines his early life in greater detail, and adds a lot more insight from figures inside the pro wrestling world. While the days of kayfabe (the unwritten rule that wrestlers must not reveal to outsiders that the matches are not legitimate contests) are long gone, I get the feeling that some of those involved in the documentary make statements aimed at maintaining their own egos rather that being totally honest.

I would give Andre The Giant five stars. It brings together many of the voice necessary to tell Andre’s story, and brings back memories of my younger days as a pro wrestling fan.






photo credit: papanooms DVDs via photopin (license)