Reginald Hudlin is a motion picture director, former writer for Marvel Comics, and former President of BET. A few weeks ago, I reviewed another comic by Hudlin, Django Unchained. This particular series of comics served as the basis of the 2011 Black Panther animated series on BET.

I really enjoyed this collection. It started with the story of Wakanda and T’Challa earning the title of Black Panther and ended with T’Challa and Storm’s wedding. There were several great team ups as well, including one with Luke Cage, Blade, and Brother Voodoo. The storyline of T’Challa courting storm, the leadup to their wedding, and then the wedding itself was extremely well done. It compares very well with the 1965 wedding of Sue Storm and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

I gave Vol 1 five stars – the stories and art were fantastic. This series set the stage for the Black Panther movie in many ways.

photo credit: LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS via photopin (license)