I’m reviewing the five volumes I read from this series together rather than one by one, since with graphic novel series I sometimes have very little left to say by the time I get to the final volume.

The blurb on the fifth volume calls this “The most relevant super-hero series for the time we’re living in.” I have to agree with this assessment, as the series represents multiple facets of life in America today that are dead on.

Volume I was titled Not My Captain America, which to me brought back memories from the eight years Barack Obama served as President, where some segments of American society said he was “not my President” or “this isn’t the same America I grew up in.” The story arcs dealing with the Americops paralleled real world problems with police shooting minorities in American cities. Finally, as in Spencer’s Secret Empire, there were segments of American society willing to depart from traditional American values of equality and justice when it served their own prejudices.

I gave volumes 1-3 of Captain America: Sam Wilson five stars, volume 4 three stars, and volume 5 four stars. I’m going to continue looking for additional collections to help fill in the gaps of the larger story arc where Steve Rogers turns the U.S. into a Hydra-run nation.

photo credit: LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS via photopin (license)