The blurb for The Unwanteds calls it “Hunger Games meets Harry Potter” – it’s a comparison I don’t buy into. To me, it’s like Chronicles of Narnia without the religious elements.

In the land of Quill, thirteen-year-old children are place in one of three groups: Wanteds, who receive advanced academic and military training; Necessaries, who perform tasks important for their society to function but are not involved in governing; and Unwanteds, who are exiled from Quill and put to death. However, the Wanteds who make the rules are not aware that things have not been going according to plan. This book is the story of what really happens to the Unwanteds, and what happens when the Wanteds find out about it.

I gave The Unwanteds four stars, I liked and and will read other books in the 7-book series, but didn’t love it enough to make me binge read them right away.