Over the past 1-2 years AMC network has been airing something they call “AMC Visionaries.” These series feature ‘masters’ in their genres covering major themes and stories within those genres. It began with Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics, followed by James Cameron’s Story Of Science Fiction and continues now with Eli Roth’s History Of Horror.

The series began back in October with an hour focused on zombies, followed by two episodes about slashers (I boycotted the second episode because I’m not a fan of the Saw/Hostel type of horror). The two most recent episodes focused on demons, and killer creatures. The final two episodes deal with Vampires (November 11), and Ghosts (November 18).

All episodes to date are available to watch on AMC’s website at the link provided in the first paragraph of this post. The two earlier series on comics and science fiction are available to watch on AMC’s paid platform, AMC Premiere.





photo credit: papanooms DVDs via photopin (license)