It’d be easy to say I spun my wheels during 2018 because I came no closer to signing with a literary agent or being published than I was at the start of the year – but that wouldn’t be completely true. I did a re-write/conversion of my upper-MG time travel novel, completed the first draft of an upper-MG urban fantasy, and wrote the first draft of a 20,000 work non-fiction e-book about fantasy baseball. After a year of progress behind the scenes, it’s time for me to aggressively put my work out into the world in 2019.

I’m currently doing a final round of revisions and then proof-reading the time travel novel while aiming to begin querying again in February. While I cope with the ups and downs of the query process, I plan to begin edits on the urban fantasy while converting it to a different POV at the same time. I hope to finish that process by late summer and send it out to my critique partners for feedback with a eye toward querying it late in 2019. If time allows, I’d also like to draft a new novel by the end of the year – I have a few ideas in mind, but haven’t committed to a specific one yet. My plans for the non-fiction book are to have it ready to self-publish in early January 2020 – I’m planning to cut out some material and replace it with more baseball-centric content.

Those are my broad goals for this new year. Even though I’m fully aware that things probably won’t go according to plan, it feels good to have an idea of what I want to accomplish.