Nice post on some fears every writer deals with.

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Writing can be tough and it’s not uncommon for writers to doubt themselves and doubt their manuscripts, whether they’re published or not. In this post I’m addressing some of the worries we face, and how to beat them when they get you down.

1. What if my writing is rubbish?
All artists find fault with their work. We are perfectionists after all. But chances are, your writing is not as bad as you’re worrying about. Editing is a wonderful process, turning early drafts into something beautiful. But if you’re really struggling to feel confident, maybe take up a new way to learn the craft of writing. Be it through a course, a workshop or simply reading advice in books and online. You’ll soon have more faith in your abilities, and of course; practice makes perfect.
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2. What if my story is boring?
When you spend so much time…

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