Subtitled: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man

Too Much and Never Enough is the latest tell-all Donald Trump book. Like the others before it, it sheds light on the character of the current President. Unlike the others, this one is written by a member of the Trump family – his niece, Mary.

Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred (Freddy) Trump, Donald’s older brother. In addition to the theme of how the Trump family shaped and in a way created our current President, the book also details Freddy’s treatment by his father, also named Fred, who followed his passion for flying instead of going into the family real estate/construction business.

Of course, the portions of the book that have received the most attention involved how Donald Trump’s treatment at the hands of his parents (and later by his siblings) conditioned him to become selfish, cruel, desperate for attention, and to never admit a mistake. Mary Trump is a clinical psychologist, and the unique combination of her knowledge in that area and her status as a member of the Trump family makes this the most thorough book about Donald Trump’s psychological motivations you’ll ever read.

I gave Too Much and Never Enough five stars. If you’ve ever wanted to get inside Donald Trump’s head (ewww!) and figure you why he does the things he does, then this is a book you need to read. And you should probably read it before Michael Cohen’s salacious book comes out.