Subtitle: An Unauthorized WWE History

We Promised You a Great Main Event traces the history of the WWWF/WWF/WWE from its beginnings in the New York City area. The McMahon family became involved in the promotion about a century ago, with Vince McMahon Jr. buying out his father and other partners in the early 1980s.

A lot of the book is understandably devoted to Vince McMahon’s takeover of the wrestling industry shortly after purchasing the company, driving most of the territorial promotions competing with him out of business. Hulk Hogan was the individual wrestler most responsible for this success but Hogan eventually wore out his welcome with McMahon and WWE fans, forcing McMahon to move on to a series of other wrestlers to lead the company forward.

The book traces the company’s history all the way into 2020, covering such topics as the Monday Night Wars, Owen Hart’s tragic death, the Chris Benoit murder/suicide and many other events and issues.

I gave We Promised You a Great Main Event five stars on Goodreads. I haven’t watched much WWE programming over the last decade; this book provided a good overview of what happened during that time period as well as providing background information on the time period of 1980-2010 that I hadn’t heard before.