A Legends of Asgard novel

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

When Thor’s half-brother Tyr becomes jealous of the thunder god’s celebrated achievement, it doesn’t take much for the sorceress Lorelei to lure him into her scheme to steal a fragment of Surtur’s sword from Muspelheim.

If you decide to read The Sword of Surtur, you should be prepared for a high level of immersion in Norse mythology – I say this because some of my early efforts to read Thor comics were less than satisfying because of this. However, since that time I have read Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series and a picture book (T is for Thor) that I recently won from another blog, I actually already knew a lot of the mythological elements in the book and was able to enjoy it quite a bit.

I gave The Sword of Surtur five stars. Initially I thought the writing style was going to be too literary for my taste, but that feeling faded as I kept reading. I was also concerned that the journey through Muspelheim went on for a bit too long, but that feeling also faded as Tyr and his allies neared Surtur’s forge.

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