Subtitle: Cheating, Stealing, Spandex and the Most Villainous Moments in the History of Pro Wrestling.

In the world of pro wrestling, the good guys are known as “faces,” short for “babyfaces.” The opposite of a face is known as a “heel.” For much of pro wrestling’s history, fans have cheered for the faces and booed the heels. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s antihero face character blurred the line between face and heel forever, and now fans cheer for the coolest and most outrageous heels just as much as they ever did for the popular babyfaces. This book relives the exploits of dozens of heels and explores the traits that go into making a character a successful heel.

It was a lot of fun revisiting the heels of the last decades, but there was also at least a third of the book that I skimmed over. I wasn’t interested in hearing about how various pop culture icons like Darth Vader and Freddie Krueger would fare as wrestlers.

I gave Time Heels four stars on Goodreads. I gave the parts about actual wrestling 5 stars; the parts that didn’t earned three stars. I averaged the two rating out, arriving at the 4 star rating.