The Drew McIntyre story is about initially unfulfilled potential, followed by years of hard work leading to his redemption and the fulfillment of his potential.

McIntyre discovered professional wrestling during his childhood in Scotland and became an avid fan before committing himself to reaching WWE. After bulking up and wrestling all across the British Isles, McIntyre caught the attention of WWE talent scouts and came to the U.S. for training. In nearly no time at all, McIntyre bypassed the rest of the trainees and joined the Smackdown roster. Not long afterward, Vince McMahon himself proclaimed McIntyre as the future of the company – his “Chosen One.”

This caused a lot of jealousy and bad feelings among other wrestlers on the roster who felt that there were others who had worked both harder and longer, and were more deserving of McIntyre’s spot in the company. McIntyre’s personal world fell apart upon the death of his mother from cancer in addition to more and more drinking as he tried to cope with her loss. McIntyre’s “push” never came, and eventually he was fired from the company.

To make a long story short, McIntyre refused to give up on his dream of WWE success. He carried out a strategy to prove himself by wrestling internationally on the independent circuit, winning as many titles as he could. The strategy worked as planned, resulting in McIntyre’s return to WWE and culminating in his 2020 victory over Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania to win the WWE championship.

I gave A Chosen Destiny five stars on Goodreads. It’s a case study in the importance of never giving up on your dreams that I have to admit has inspired me to not give up on mine.