Subtitle: The All-in-One Guide to Writing and Selling Screenplays, Teleplays, Theatrical Plays, and Animation Scripts

I read another of Straczynski’s books a couple of weeks ago that also referenced this book. I decided to give it a read because I’ve been considering writing a screen adaptation of at least on of my novels and have been reading nearly anything I can get my hands on about the subject of writing for film or television.

Straczynski is not one to sugar-coat things, and gives his readers a level-headed view of the entertainment industry as well as warnings about individuals who will try to take advantage of new writers trying to break into the business. While a lot of the specifics he gives are regarding the various formats to use in writing scripts, he also gives a lot of writing tips concerning how your writing needs to be adjusted to meet the demands of the different types of media. I nearly skipped the section about writing for radio, but as a fan of CBS Radio Mystery Theatre in my teenage years, I have to admit that I found it more than a little appealing – if I can find realistic markets, I might even try my hand at writing a radio script.

I gave The Complete Book of Scriptwriting five stars on Goodreads. I read the 1996 revision (the original came out in the early 1980s), so a lot of the details are likely outdated by now, but the writing tips and advice about the writer’s approach to the work should still be good.