Season 9 was the last season of the series original run, and because Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) only appeared in the season/series finale, it seems like a huge departure from the previous seasons. In season 9, we see the return of more than one character who was supposed to be dead, and in the finale we see some characters return as ghosts. The theme of the season was different from the very start, turning from the alien conspiracy to a more nebulous ‘super-soldier’ storyline. Cary Elwes (Westley from The Princess Bride) guest-starred in several episodes as an assistant director of the FBI and former lover of agent Monica Reyes.

I did consider many of season 9’s episodes as notable, but there were a few:

  • Nothing Happened Today I and II – Guest starring Lucy Lawless in the two-part season premiere deepening the super-soldier plot
  • Lord of the Flies – guest starring Jane Lynch as the mother of a teenage son who is part-insect and who can command swarms of bugs
  • Trust No 1 – Probably the most Deus Ex Machina ending in the whole series as a super-soldier flees into an iron-mining operation and winds up standing in front of the special metal that can destroy him
  • Provenance/Providence – A two-part episode about a religious cult that abducts Scully & Mulder’s son – to protect him. Guest starring Neal McDonough
  • Improbable – Guest starring Burt Reynolds as God
  • Jump the Shark – Guest starring Michael McKean and ending with the deaths of the Lone Gunmen after their spinoff show failed
  • Sunshine Day – Guest starring Michael Emerson and David Faustino (Bud Bundy)
  • The Truth – Double-length season and series (at that time) finale, guest starring Adam Baldwin, William Devane, Nicholas Lea, Laurie Holden, and William B. Davis. This marked Mulder’s return, and provided a retrospective on the show’s conspiracy arc through the lens of Mulder’s trial for allegedly killing one of the super-soldiers.

I would give X-Files, Season 9 three stars, except for the finale which I would give five stars. Many of the episodes were rehashed plots from earlier seasons, or episodes aimed at deepening the Reyes/Doggett characters.

photo credit: papanooms DVDs via photopin (license)