I discovered this series at my local library one day. I had never heard of it before, but the Day 8 volume was on top of a display of young adult books when I was browsing for something to read. Wanting to start at the beginning, I put Day 1 on hold.

I was surprised to find that this series was written by an author in Denmark who learned English from Netflix and audiobooks. This book was a complete turnaround from the last zombie novel I read. The writing was simple, extremely fast-paced and realistic, and I plowed through it in less than a day. I liked that zombie movies are a part of the world-building, so the characters immediately know what’s happening and how to combat the zombies. Spoiler alert: the character I assumed would be the main character for the entire series dies, so I’m not sure who will be the lead character for Day 2 – will it be one of the survivors from Day 1, or will Day 2 start with a completely clean slate character-wise?

I gave Dead Meat – Day 1 five stars on Goodreads. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror novels, zombie novels in particular. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series – according to the author’s website, it will end with Day 9.