This is the next book in the Dead Meat series from Danish author Nick Clausen. It is a gritty, hyper-realistic story that gives a day-by-day account of the zombie apocalypse.

In answer to the question I had from book 1, there are a couple of surviving characters from that book that are part of book 2 – we’ll have to see how many days they survive going forward. In this book, the number of people infected by zombie bites or scratches is still manageable. The question is whether the people with knowledge of the outbreak and who grasp the nature of it will be able to stop its spread. Spoiler: they can not.

I gave Dead Meat – Day 2 four stars on Goodreads. I still recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror novels, zombie novels in particular. I have remainder of the first 8 volumes on hold at the library, with the final Day 9 either just recently released or soon to be released. FYI, I joined the author’s fan club at his website and have already received a couple of free ebooks from him.