Alternatively known as Season 10, this six-episode series aired in 2016 – 14 years after season 9 concluded in 2002. The first and last episodes are devoted to the overall conspiracy arc, which has shifted from a primarily alien conspiracy to a primarily human conspiracy with assistance from aliens. The other four episodes are stand-alones which mainly serve to update the characters relationship and state of mind or to show how they operate in the era of Google, social media, and smart phones.

Here are a few observations:

  • The X-Files traditionally had a fairly diverse cast, in terms of sexual orientation as well as race. It seemed to me that these six episodes too that diversity a step farther
  • The first and last episode featured Joel McHale as an Alex Jones-type conspiracy show host. His political leanings were only implied, with the focus being on the conspiracy aspects of his program.
  • The episode Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster was the main humor-centric episode of the season, guest-starring Kumail Najiani.
  • The episode Babylon introduced two new young FBI agents whose worldviews and physical characteristics mirrored Mulder and Scully’s. It also featured a memorable sequence where Mulder takes a ‘magic mushroom’ trip.

I would give X-Files, The Event Series four stars. It was good to see Mulder, Scully, and Skinner again, aged but still essentially the same characters viewers grew to love during the first 9 seasons. Next up is the final (as of now) season, Season 11, which includes 10 episodes airing in 2018.

photo credit: papanooms DVDs via photopin (license)