This is the 11th and final season of the X-Files. The 10-episode season aired on Fox in 2018, leaving several storylines unresolved.

Here are a few observations:

  • As with season 10 (Event Series), the first and last episodes included the phrase ‘My Struggle’ in the title. These were the only episodes dealing exclusively with the overall series mythology.
  • Several of the episodes used aspects of modern life as the focal point of horror. Internet disinformation and uploading dead people’s consciousness into a computer simulation were only two of those aspects.
  • The episode Am9sbG93ZCJz was by far my favorite episode of this season. Deftly mixing humor and horror, the episode explored the implications of turning over so many functions of daily life to artificial intelligence. Smart homes, GPS devices, self-driving cars, drones, automated phone systems and customer interaction management were just a few of the weapons the A.I. used to intimidate Mulder and Scully because they refused to tip at an automated restaurant.
  • The finale end with Walter Skinner in limbo, kind of a Schroedinger’s Cat. He wanted to return for a possible season 12, but if season 11 is the end we’re supposed to consider him dead.

I would give X-Files Season 11 four stars. Series creator Chris Carter wanted to do another season after this, but Gillian Anderson has made it know that she will not come back as Scully for another season. 

photo credit: papanooms DVDs via photopin (license)