This is the latest book by YA author Kelly deVos. I enjoyed her previous Day Zero/Day One duology, so I decided to read this one following its publication a few weeks ago.

The book focuses on a group of high school students trying to make a short horror film for one of them to use as material for admission to the film school at USC. They do a Go Fund Me fundraiser that nets them a lot more money than expected, so they accept an offer to shoot their film at the former castle of Vlad Tepes, the historical basis for Count Dracula. It doesn’t take long after their arrival for the dead bodies to begin piling up.

I gave Go Hunt Me three stars on Goodreads. I still have a high opinion of the author and liked the premise of the book from the first time I heard it, but the plot didn’t quite logically fit together for me, the characters made some frustratingly bad decisions, and the reveal at the end did not work for me.