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My Books

As of April 2021, I have written four books and will soon begin work on a fifth. At this point all of them remain unpublished. Here is a short summary of what I have written so far.

Jeffrey Dean and the Destiny Matrix

An teenage martial artist with the genetic ability to time travel is recruited by a secret government organization to battle a covert group that aims to divert history for their own benefit. His first assignment is to stop a 1938 coup attempt aimed at replacing FDR and running the U.S. as a fascist state. This book started out as a novel for Young Adults, but I decided Middle Grade was a better fit for my writing style.


When a 13-year-old boy’s cellphone video of a Bigfoot-like creature goes viral, it causes a perfect storm of social media and reality TV attention to descend on his small Missouri hometown. By the time he discovers that the monster was a hoax perpetrated by his older brother and the mayor’s son to jumpstart the local economy, he has no choice but to go along with the hoax. When a real-life monster arrives on the scene, it not only puts the townspeople in danger but also strains the relationship between the boy and the girl he likes – the new sheriff’s daughter. This book was inspired by a similar monster incident that occurred in my hometown the summer I turned 11. #MoMoLives made the agent round in two different on-line pitch contests during 2016.

The Alien Playlist of Hector Zane

The Greatest American Hero meets Stranger Things when a teen porch pirate steals an alien MP3 player that gives him unusual powers when he listens to music on it. When the enemies of the player’s creators show up on Earth to steal the technology, the player gives powers to the porch pirate’s friends so they can battle the threat together. This book is still in the revision phase.

Lunch Ladies of the Apocalypse

Lovecraft Country meets Stranger Things when a group of evil lunch ladies plan to sacrifice the new kid in town so they can make the Meatloaf of Summoning and open a portal so a Lovecraftian deity can return to rule over Earth. The only things standing in the way of a global apocalypse are the new kids friends, three magical cats, and the immortal daughter of a man who isn’t supposed to exist. This book is also in the revision phase.

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