Genre: YA Speculative Fiction

Word Count: 82,000



Dear Agent,

If being shy around girls were a serious disease, sixteen-year-old Jason Martyr would be on the terminal list. It turns out girls are the least of his worries when a secret government project abducts him, claiming he has a rare genetic ability to travel through time. When Jason hesitates to join them, the project coerces him into cooperation.

His mission? Travel back in time to stop a ruthless group trying to alter history and rule the world – and become filthy rich in the process. Their next attack is a 1937 coup attempt aimed at deposing FDR and installing a fascist dictator. If they succeed, the U.S. may never take part in World War II, setting off a chain of historical dominoes through the rest of the timeline.

Jason wants to return to his normal life and the quest for Ms. Right but first, he must survive martial arts training from the most dangerous fighter in the world. Next, he has to prevent mercenaries in 1937 from carrying out the coup. To top it all off, his enemies know he is coming and dispatched assassins to eliminate him. Jason can go home when the mission is complete – if he survives.

THE DESTINY MATRIX, a young adult speculative fiction work, is complete at 82,000 words. It features light science fiction aspects and action similar to Roland Smith’s Cryptid Hunters series. It is a stand-alone novel with series potential.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Chris L. Owens


First Page:


The shivering was the first thing I noticed. I couldn’t stop it, no matter how hard I tried. The room was freezing. Not cool like somebody turned the thermostat a few degrees too low, but bitter cold like being outdoors on a January night. I struggled to sit up, but restraints bound my arms, legs and chest. I couldn’t see much because of the room’s dim lighting.
When I became more alert, I noticed a low-pitched hum in the background. The longer it continued, the more it drilled into my brain. Within minutes, my head was ready to explode.
I tried calling out, but a weak croak was all that escaped my dry, cracked lips. After a few tries, I found my voice.
“Hey! Where am I? What do you want with me?” Puffs of steam punctuated each word.
There was no response at first, but it turned out someone was listening after all.
“Sounds like that Jason Martyr kid just woke up,” a male voice said in the distance. “He doesn’t sound bad off though. Sometimes the new recruits wake up blubbering like babies.”
“Is it true what they said?” a second man asked. “He resisted her?”
“Rumor mill says they called in one of the Specials from D wing to help. That guy they call Subliminal. Even with his help, Quinn had to drug the kid before they brought him in.”
How did I forget about Lorelei Quinn? Beautiful girls tend to scare me off, but with Lorelei I had no choice.