I was going to wait a while before reading The Song of the Dead, but my wife was anxious to read it as soon as it came out. I caved and read it when she finished. This is the third and final book of Patel’s Recoletta series, following The Buried Life, and Cities and Thrones.

Song of the Dead is my favorite book of the series. There is a lot more action, and a lot more tension in general compared to the earlier volumes.

However, I did have a problem with the ending of the book. It seemed rushed, and wasn’t completely convincing. There were a few clues laid out that that were never followed up on. It could be that they were a red herring, but in combination with the abrupt conclusion it makes  me wonder if the ending were changed during editing.

I gave Song of the Dead five stars on Goodreads, my rating with partial stars would have been 4.5 – 4.75 because of the ending, but rounding up to 5.